Facebook ads

The Only Facebook Ads Framework You Need To Generate Millions in 2022

After collectively studying hundreds of successful paid ad campaigns on social media & having worked and consulted with multiple 7-figure DTC brands, my team and I decided to lay out everything we learned about advertising on Facebook. 

Get comfy, grab a beverage of your choice, open up your favourite note-taking device (mine is Notion), and let’s dive right in.

Okay, I will cut to the chase because I know you are here to learn something that you can actually implement today and see results tomorrow. 

Many people would say this is impossible and too good to be true but these are the same people who have been telling you for the last 3 months that they are still in the testing phase of your Facebook / TikTok / Snapchat Ads or whatever you are paying them for.

We are going to discuss 3 things in this article and these are the only 3 things that are going to make or break your ad campaigns: 

  • Your Creative

  • Your Message

  • Your Targeting



Okay, unless you are living under a rock you know that in Q1 for the first time in its history Facebook reported that its user base has decreased and that its users are spending less time on their platforms (both FB and IG).

This is because people are becoming more and more focused on their work, improving their lives, knowing that social media is just a waste of time.

I am kidding.

They are just heading over to TikTok.

Why is that? Because TikTok is 2x more entertaining than Facebook. Even the ads on TikTok look like regular TikToks. What should this tell you?

That your ads should not look like ads!

That is why we not only provide our clients with top-quality media buying on both Facebook and TikTok but also offer support when it comes to creating and editing content that will actually make people convert after seeing the ad.

So… these are the building blocks of a successful advertisement: 

  • The hook: The first 3-5 seconds of your ad. If the hook is not strong enough nobody will watch the rest of your ad. Here are some examples of strong hooks:

Show your product in different colours

Can’t be more straightforward. Make it funny & engaging. That’s what people like to see.

Unboxing videos

If you have a cool product with nice packaging, show people what to expect when they buy from you.

Use transitions

This helps increase video watch time and grab attention in the first second.

Moving on with the rest of the building blocks of a good ad:  

  • Agitate the problem: Show people that you understand exactly how they feel and tell them that it is not cool to have the problem you are trying to solve. Only if they can relate to what you are saying will they watch the video further. 

  • Provide a solution: Simple. Show your product, tell people how you will make their lives easier, and ideally use real customers of yours. Nothing performs better than UGC on Facebook at the moment. 

  • Social Proof: More people showing how much they love your product. You can highlight how many positive reviews you have as well. 

  • Features: Highlight more features of your product. 

  • Call-to-Action: Don’t forget to tell people to click on the link in the description / click on the ad / click the Shop Now button and go to your website to get their product.


A few more notes on creatives:

  • have at least 3 different hooks for every ad you make.

  • track your Thumbstop Ratio to see how your hooks are performing. Aim for at least 40%.

  • if you or your agency don’t know what Thumbstop Ratio is, just get in touch with us 🙂


Okay, enough on creatives.


While writing this article I decided to quickly hop on Twitter for a few minutes because I got a bit tired of all this writing. So that is what I found, which is actually everything I was going to tell you:

I can’t say it better. Use that when writing your ad copy. ☝️ Be super specific & focus on what the customers are going to get out of using your product.


Facebook is smart and Facebook knows everything about you – they know how many seconds off your day you spend on looking at dogs’ pictures, they know whose account you have been stalking recently, they know what you did back on 24th of February 2016. If you don’t believe me – watch the movie The Social Dilemma.

What this all means is the Facebook algorithm is pretty smart and a lot smarter than any of us, which is a good indication that you can let it do its thing and find your potential customers wherever they are.

That is why for the past 6-8 months we have been going broader and broader with our targeting

But even when you are going completely Broad (meaning only Gender and Location targeting) you still have to make sure that you are hitting people with the right message. In this case, I am referring to the hook of your creative.

Let’s say you are selling haircare products. What you can do is test 3 different hooks for the same video.

  • The first hook will include captions such as:
    “Tired of your old & boring haircare routine?”
    – people who are tired of their old & boring haircare routine will relate and will most likely continue watching the video.

  • The second hook could be:
    “If you have dry hair watch this!”
    – if I have dry hair and want to solve my problem, I will probably be interested in seeing what you have to offer.

  • The third hook:
    “Want voluminous hair all week?”
    – Yes, please!

Test a couple of different variations, see what people really resonate with and scale. Then start testing again.

Target the right audience using your creatives and let Facebook do its thing.

Key Takeaways

Okay, I really hope that after reading this article I have inspired you to test new things within your ad campaigns and hopefully achieve a higher ROAS.

Things you should remember:

  • Your creatives are the most important part of your Facebook / TikTok ad strategy. Ideally, you should be testing 2-3 new creatives every single week.

  • UGC, or User-Generated-Content is what works currently best both on Facebook and on TikTok and there are multiple ways to generate UGC constantly. The easiest one – send a few emails to your existing customers list offering them 30% OFF of their next purchase in exchange for a short 15-second video of them talking about your product.

  • Test different hooks for your creatives. If you know an ad should be performing well but it isn’t – change the first 3-seconds of the video & track the Thumbstop Ratio!

  • Broad targeting should be your go-to strategy, but you will never know what would work until you test it :).